Nickelback – Rockstar


„Rockstar“ is an alternative rock song by the Canadian rock band Nickelback from their fifth studio album All the Right Reasons.
The song details the stereotype that most people have about the life of a rockstar. The lead singer, Chad Kroeger, assumes the role of a person wanting to get to that life. It also features many cliches and popular beliefs of what fame can get one.

Mysterious spoken-word vocals between each verse are provided by the Reverend Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top. Gibbons assumes the role of the rock star who has already made it,asking some challenging questions to the would-be newcomer. Although many of you already know the lyrics for Rockstar you could also drop in there and see if they are worthy for this video.

The video features various random people, as well as celebrities such as Dominique Swain, Billy Gibbons (who voices his lines in the song), Nelly Furtado, Kid Rock, John Rich (Big & Rich), Gene Simmons, Ted Nugent, Taryn Manning, Eliza Dushku, Bam Margera, The Naked Cowboy, Chuck Liddell, The Girls Next Door, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Paul Wall, Wayne Gretzky, Grant Hill, Victoria Beckham, and the crew from Orange County Choppers among numerous others lip syncing to the song at appropriate times in the lyrics, for example, Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends are shown singing along with the song during the lyric „every playboy bunny with her bleach blonde hair“.

At the end of the video Nickelback is finally shown playing live on stage, this shot was filmed July 14th, at a show in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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